Intel for Ag helps producers explore basic factors to consider before adding a new agricultural enterprise to their farms. With this information, producers can make well-informed decisions about how to diversify and maintain sustainable farm enterprises.

Each of the six Intel for Ag decision tools specializes in sharing specific production, marketing and management insights critical to enterprise planning. Work through the tools to help you choose the most appropriate crop or animal enterprises for your farm. 

Small farm in a rural setting with the sun setting in the background.

Our Team

A team develops the Intel for Ag decision tools and educates farmers about how to use information available on the site. As research and extension professionals, the contributors feel passionate about supporting farms with diversifying their operations and making their businesses sustainable for the long term.  

The following contributors serve as Intel for Ag points of contact.

Joe Parcell is a professor of agricultural economics at Kansas State University, where he also directs the Center for Risk Management Education and Research. He created Intel for Ag. His other professional interests include analyzing agricultural prices, informing farm product marketing and assessing drivers in the food value chain.

Mallory Rahe is an associate extension professor at the University of Missouri, and she serves as director of the Missouri Agriculture, Food and Forestry Innovation Center. She enjoys assisting farms with business development, developing economic impact studies and conducting market research.

Alice Roach is a research associate at Kansas State University. Her work experience includes researching agricultural market opportunities, evaluating agribusiness concept feasibility and recommending marketing strategies. She has also been a primary contributor to Intel for Ag.

Funding Support

Multiple organizations and grant agencies have provided funding for Intel for Ag. We thank the following supporters.

  • USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Small & Medium Sized Farms Program, Bioenergy Program and Capacity Building Program
  • USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, Specialty Crop Block Grant Program
  • Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority, Missouri Value-Added Agriculture Grant Program
  • College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Missouri
  • College of Agriculture, Environment and Human Sciences, Lincoln University
  • University of Missouri Extension
  • Division of Applied Social Sciences, University of Missouri