Intel for Ag decision tools provide basic information to inform whether a crop or animal enterprise fits with your skills and resources.

Producers in Missouri can reach out to the Missouri Agriculture, Food & Forestry Innovation Center for no-cost technical assistance as they build their businesses. Producers outside of Missouri can connect to a network of technical assistance providers though the Heartland Regional Food Business Center.

On a fee-for-service basis, we offer the following services to agricultural producers and landowners who want to more deeply evaluate their options.

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Grant Writing

Federal and state grant programs make funding available to offset costs related to farm business feasibility analysis and planning. Our team can help you identify the grant programs best-suited to your funding needs. We’ll work with you on a fee-for-service basis to prepare and submit a grant application.

Feasibility Studies

In a feasibility study, you document the answers to key questions that dictate whether your business idea has the potential to succeed. Oftentimes, lenders or investors will ask to see a feasibility study before offering financing.

We serve as an independent third party who can assess your ideas and develop a feasibility study — through fee-for-service work or a funded grant project.

Market Studies

A farm needs a viable market in which to sell its products. A market study outlines information the operation can use to choose the product, pricing, promotion and distribution that will best resonate with buyers.

You can work with us — through a fee-for-service contract or funded grant project — to create a market study that helps you plan farm marketing activities.