Land Suitability

These maps help you gauge whether your farm has the land resources needed to support a crop or animal enterprise. 

The map shading indicates production suitability and risk. The methodology explains how maps are generated.  

Click or hover over the map to see additional information to help you make decisions about whether a site is suitable. Read how these additional data are collected. If you are on a mobile device, double-tapping the map will open the interactive map room.

Farm Field
To make a map, select a crop or animal from the drop-down menu.


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Choose a crop or animal species by clicking on the down arrow for a category and tapping your selection.
View the default suitability map to see a comprehensive view of an enterprise's suitability. Or from the Map Type drop-down menu, load one of the alternative maps to explore how your farm location stacks up in terms of specific subfactors considered in a suitability assessment.
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The suitability map for your selected crop or animal will load. To interpret the map's shading, use the legend. Get to know more about a county in terms of its access to vendors and land area by hovering over a county and reviewing the data in the pop-up box. Click the map to see location points for vendors.
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To more easily find your farm location, you can choose your county from this drop-down menu. Or click on the map to enter a map room, which includes features to help you pinpoint your farm.