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High Plains Sunflower Production Handbook (Kansas State)

Stages of Sunflower Development (North Dakota State)

Sunflower Insect Management (Kansas State)

Sunflower Magazine (National Sunflower Association)

Sunflower Suitability Map


Sunflower Cost-Return Budget (Missouri)

Double-Crop Sunflower Cost-Return Budget (Kansas State)

Oil-Type Sunflower Cost-Return Budget (Kansas State)

Historical Crop Values Annual Summary (USDA)


National Sunflower Association

Variety Trials

Sunflower Performance Trials (Kansas State)

Sunflower Yield Results (Texas A&M)


National Sunflower Summary (USDA Market News)

Kansas Sunflower Report (USDA Market News)

Sunflower Market News & Prices (National Sunflower Association)

Oil Crops Outlook (USDA)


Techniques for Planting No-Till Sunflowers

Planting Supplement (National Sunflower Association)

Harvest Fundamentals (National Sunflower Association)

Drying and Storage of Sunflowers (National Sunflower Association)