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Production System

Beef Cattle Production (University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture – Cooperative Extension Service)

Beef Production Calendar (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Cattle Business: Which One is Right for Me? (University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture)

Grass-fed Beef Production (PennState Extension)

Production Records for Commercial Cow-Calf Operations (University of Missouri Extension)

So You Want to Raise Beef Cattle? (PennState Extension)


Health and Reproduction

Artificial Insemination of Cattle Step by Step (University of Missouri Extension)

Beef Sire Selection Manual (National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium)

Body Condition Scoring of Beef Cattle (University of Missouri Extension)

Calving Season Considerations for Commercial Beef Cattle Operations (University of Missouri Extension)

EPD Basics and Definitions (Beef Cattle Clearinghouse Community of Practice)

Herd Health Programs and Reproductive Efficiency of Beef Cattle (University of Missouri Extension)

Selection of Replacement Heifers for Commercial Beef Cattle Operations (University of Missouri Extension)

Veterinarian Search (Missouri Veterinary Medical Association)


Feed and Nutrition

Beef Cow Nutrition Guide (Kansas State University)

Beware of Stocking Rate Creep (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Grazing Management Principles for Beef Cattle (University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture)

Managed Grazing Systems and Fencing for Distribution of Beef (University of Missouri Extension)

Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service)

Stockpiling Forages (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, University of Illinois Extension, Illinois Department of Agriculture and Illinois Grassland Conservation Initiative)

Tall Fescue Toxicosis (University of Missouri Extension)

Waterers and Watering Systems: A Handbook for Livestock Producers and Landowners (Kansas State University)


Facilities and Equipment

Evaluate Your Beef Cattle Handling Facilities (University of Tennessee Extension)

Farmers’ Liability for Their Animals (University of Missouri Extension)

Handling Facilities for Beef Cattle (University of Tennessee Extension)

Missouri Fencing and Boundary Laws (University of Missouri Extension)

Planning & Building Fences on the Farm (University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture)



Budgets for Agricultural Producers (University of Missouri Extension)

Cattle Budgets (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Cow-Calf and Stocker-Backgrounding Budgets (University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture)

Livestock Budgets (Kansas State University)

Livestock Enterprise Budgets for Iowa (Iowa State University Extension and Outreach)

Sample Oklahoma Enterprise Budget Summaries (Oklahoma State University Extension)



Cattle (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Daily Beef Reports (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Grain Fed Freezer Beef Pricing Worksheet (Michigan State University)

Grass Fed Freezer Beef Pricing Worksheet (Michigan State University)

How Much Should You Charge? Pricing Your Meat Cuts (PennState Extension)

National Monthly Grass Fed Beef Report (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)



5 Steps to Buying Meat Direct From the Farm (University of Missouri Extension)

(Agricultural Marketing Resource Center)

Cattle and Beef Market Definitions (University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture)

How to Direct Market Beef (Sustainable Agriculture Network)

Market Channels for Local Food Producers (University of Missouri Extension)

Market Intelligence Report (Intel for Ag, University of Missouri)

Meat and Poultry Labeling Terms (USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service)

Missouri Grown (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Missouri Meat and Poultry Inspection Program (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Profit Tip: Marketing Plans for Your Cattle Operation (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Profitable Cattle Marketing for the Cow-Calf Producer (University of Georgia Extension)

Successfully Direct Marketing Beef (University of Missouri Extension, Lincoln University, Missouri AgrAbility)

Weekly Livestock Market Update (Brownfield Ag News)