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Production System

Glass of milk on a table on the field top viewA Checklist to Starting a Value-Added Dairy Foods Business (Penn State Extension)

A Farmer’s Guide to Grass-fed Dairy Production (University of Vermont Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Heifer Development (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Philosophy of Pasture-Based Dairying (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Production on Pasture: An Introduction to Grass-Based and Seasonal Dairying (National Center for Appropriate Technology)

Grass-Fed Dairy (University of Vermont Extension)

Enhancing Milk Components with Pasture-Based Systems (Penn State Extension)

Introduction to Making Fluid and Flavored Milks (Penn State Extension)

Is Your Farm Right For Value-Added Dairy? (Penn State Extension)

Matching Production Capacity and Product Markets (Penn State Extension)

Production and Distribution of Grade “A” Raw Milk and Milk Products (Missouri Code of State Regulations)

Resources for Small Scale Processors (Cornell)

Starting a 75-Cow Intensive Rotational Grazing Dairy (University of Missouri Extension)

State Milk Board (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Health and Reproduction

Body Condition Scoring as a Tool for Dairy Herd Management (Penn State Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Genetics of the Grazing Cow (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Herd Health (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Milk Quality (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Reproduction (University of Missouri Extension)

Drying-off Lactating Livestock (Oregon State University Extension Service)

Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle (DAIReXNET)

Managing and Caring for the Dry Cow (Alabama Cooperative Extension Service)

Feed and Nutrition

Dairy Grazing: Managing Pasture for Yield, Quality, Persistence and Intake (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Pasture Establishment (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Selecting the Right Forage (University of Missouri Extension)

Dietary Minerals for Dairy Cows on Pasture (Penn State Extension)

Feeding to Maximize Milk Solids (University of Missouri Extension)

Grazing Management for Organic, Grass-Fed or Conventional Dairies (Penn State Extension)

Identifying Pasture Grasses (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Identifying Pasture Legumes (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Managing Dairy Grazing for More Milk and Profit (Oregon State University Extension)

Facilities and Equipment

Adult Cow Housing (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Calf and Heifer Housing (Penn State Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Fence and Water Systems (University of Missouri Extension)

Designing and Building Dairy Cattle Freestalls (Penn State Extension)

Equipment Maintenance for Milkers (Penn State Extension)

Facilities (Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Fence Systems for Grazing Dairy Cattle (DAIReXNET)

Managing Milking on the Dairy (Oregon State University Extension)

Missouri State Milk Board Informational Guide for Construction and Reconstruction of Milk Facilities (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Planning Fencing Systems for Controlled Grazing (Virginia Cooperative Extension)

Transforming a Milking Parlor at Low Cost (Iowa State University)


Cost of Production on Grass-Fed Dairy Farms in the Northeast (University of Vermont)

Dairy Budgets (Iowa State University Extension and Outreach)

Dairy (Grazing) Planning Budget (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Economics of Pasture-Based Dairies (University of Missouri Extension)

Dairy Grazing: Keys to Building a Profitable Pasture-Based Dairy (University of Missouri Extension)

Grazing Dairy (University of Georgia)

Milk Cost of Production Estimates (USDA Economic Research Service)


Mailbox Milk Price Report (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Market News (USDA Agricultural Marketing)

Retail Milk Prices Report (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)


Dairy Market News Weekly Report (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Good Milk (New England Cheese Making Supply Co.)

Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook (USDA Economic Research Service)

Market Channels for Local Food Producers (University of Missouri Extension)

Market Intelligence Report (Intel for Ag, University of Missouri)

Marketing Dairy Products (University of Tennessee Extension)

Marketing Development and Considerations for Value-Added Dairy Foods (Penn State Extension)

Missouri Grown (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Raw Milk (Missouri Department of Agriculture)