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Production System

Hogs: Pastured or Forested Production (National Center for Appropriate Technology)

Outdoor Hog Production: Best Practices for Resource Conservation in the San Francisco Bay Area (University of California Cooperative Extension, Alameda County Resource Conservation District, North Carolina State University Center for Environmental Farming Systems)

Pastured Pork for Small Farms in North Carolina (NC State Extension)

Raising Pastured Pigs (Cornell University Cooperative Extension)

Raising Small Groups of Pigs (PennState Extension)

Small Scale Pastured Hog Production (GrassWorks)

So You Want to Raise Hogs? (PennState Extension)

Swine Production (PennState Extension)


Health and Reproduction

Breeding Management of Pigs (Merck Veterinary Manual)

Cold Temperature Management for Pigs (PennState Extension)

Common Health Concerns and Diseases for Pastured Pigs (The Livestock Conservancy)

Pig Breeding Systems for Small and Beginning Pig Farmers (U.S. Pork Center of Excellence)

Reproductive Physiology and Anatomy of the Sow (Purdue University Department of Animal Sciences)

Swine Reproductive Herd Management (PennState Extension)


Feed and Nutrition

Designing Pasture Subdivisions for Practical Management of Hogs (NC State Extension)

Forages for Swine (University of Missouri Extension)

Formulating Farm-Specific Swine Diets (University of Minnesota Extension)

Plants Poisonous to Livestock (Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Swine Nutrition (University of New Hampshire)

Swine Nutrition Guide (Kansas State University)


Facilities and Equipment

Biosecurity Guide for Pork Producers (Pork Checkoff)

Managing Market Pigs in Hoop Structures (USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture)

Swine Housing (University of Minnesota)



Current Structure and Economic Importance of The Missouri Pork Industry (National Pork Producers Council)

Enterprise Budget for Heritage Swine (The Livestock Conservancy)

Livestock Enterprise Budgets for Iowa: Farrow-Finish, Pasture (Iowa State University Extension and Outreach)

Outdoor Hogs: Pastured Farrow-to-Finish (NC State University)

Swine Production Budget, Farrow-to-Finish – Pasture System (The Ohio State University Extension)



Cornell Meat Price Calculator (Cornell Program on Agribusiness and Rural Development)

National Monthly Pasture Raised Pork Report (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

National Retail Report – Pork (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Seasonal Hog Price Patterns (Iowa State University Extension and Outreach)

Understanding Hog Production and Price Cycles (Extension Foundation, Cooperative Extension and USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture)

Weekly Pork Price Summary (Pork Checkoff)



Developing a Niche Market for Pork (U.S. Pork Center of Excellence)

Direct Marketing of Meat Products (U.S. Pork Center of Excellence)

Direct Marketing Pork (Ag Marketing Resource Center)

Market Channels for Locally Raised Foods (University of Missouri Extension)

Market Intelligence Report (Intel for Ag, University of Missouri)

Marketing Your Heritage Pork Products (The Livestock Conservancy)

Meat and Poultry Labeling Terms (USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service)

Missouri Grown (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Missouri Meat and Poultry Inspection Program (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Profit Maximizer Reports (Pork Checkoff)