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Midwest Blueberry Production Guide (Kentucky)

Growing Blueberries in Missouri (Missouri State)

Blueberries (Missouri)

Production Guide for Organic Blueberries (Cornell)

Fruits Harvest Calendar (Missouri)

Blueberry Community of Practice (eXtension)

Highbush Blueberry Guide (Kentucky)

Pest Management

Small Fruit and Grape Spray Guide (Missouri)

Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook (Ohio State)

Nursery Sources

Nursery Guide for Blueberries (Cornell)

Postharvest Handling

Blueberry Fresh Market Grade Standards (USDA)

Blueberry Processing Grade Standards (USDA)

Blueberry Postharvest Quality (UC Davis)

Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Blueberries (NC State)


Blueberry Council of Missouri

U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

Educational Events

Missouri Blueberry School


Blueberry Cost-Return Budget (Missouri)

Blueberry Economics (Oregon State)

Organic Blueberry Economics (Oregon State)

Blueberry Budget – Wholesale/Retail (Kentucky)

Blueberry Budget – Pick your Own (Kentucky)

Blueberry Budget (Mississippi State)

Mississippi State Budget Generator

Price Reports

Fruit and Vegetable Market News (USDA)

Farmers Market and Auction Reports (USDA)

N. Missouri Produce Auction Sales Report (Missouri)


Direct Marketing Guide for Producers of Fruits, Vegetables and other Specialty Products (Tennessee)

Missouri Farmers Market Map (MDA)

Farmers Markets Search (USDA)

Missouri Produce Auctions

U.S. Blueberry Industry (USDA-ERS)