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Commercial Production of Pickling and Slicing Cucumbers in North Carolina (North Carolina Cooperative Extension)

Cucumber (University of Kentucky)

Cucumber Production (Penn State Extension)

Cucumber Production in California (University of California)

Cucumbers (Rutgers University)

Cucumbers, Best Management Practices in High Tunnel Production (Cornell University)

Cucumbers, Slicing (Fresh Market) (Oregon State University)

Fresh Market Production Cucumbers (North Carolina Cooperative Extension)

Florida Crop/Pest Management Profiles: Cucumbers (University of Florida)

Slicing Cucumber Production (Oklahoma State University)

Pest Management

Cucumbers (University of California)

Cucurbit Problem Solver (Texas A&M)

Insect Management for Cucurbits (University of Florida)

Know and Control Cucumber Pests (North Carolina)

Postharvest Handling

Cucumber (USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Cucumber: Recommendations for Maintaining Postharvest Quality (University of California Davis)


Cucumber Market Non-Irrigated (University of Wisconsin)

Cucumbers for Fresh Market (Clemson University)

Sample Fresh Market Cucumber Budget (Penn State Extension)

Price Reports

Cucumbers (The Packer)

Fruit and Vegetable Prices (USDA Economic Service Service)

Fruits and Vegetables (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)


Commodities/Cucumbers (Purdue University)

Cucumbers (Blue Book Services)

U.S. Fresh and Pickling Cucumber Markets (Michigan State University)

Marketing Vegetables in Missouri (Missouri)

Missouri Farmers Market Map (MDA)

Farmers Markets Search (USDA)

Missouri Produce Auctions