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Growing Apricots, Cherries, Peaches & Plums in Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin)

Growing Peaches in Mississippi (Mississippi State University Extension)

Growing and Harvesting Peaches and Apricots (University of Nebraka-Lincoln Extension)

Growing Peaches & Nectarines in Virginia (Virginia Cooperative Extension)

Home Fruit Production: Peach and Nectarine Culture (University of Missouri Extension)

Peach Orchard Establishment and Young Tree Care (University of Georgia Cooperative Extension)

Peach Production (Penn State Extension)

Peaches (Texas A&M System AgriLife Extension)

Peaches (University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service)

Pest Management

Apple and Peach Pest Management (Penn State Extension)

How to Manage Pests, Peach (University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources)

Insect Management in Peaches (University of Florida IFAS Extension)

Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide (Midwest Fruit Workers Group)

Peach Insect Pests (Clemson Cooperative Extension)

Peach Insect Pests (National Center for Appropriate Technology)

Postharvest Handling

Postharvest Handling (North Carolina State Extension)

Postharvest Handling (Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station)

Recommendations for Maintaining Postharvest Quality Nectarine and Peach (University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources)


Business Management and Economics (Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station)

Fresh-market Peach Production Budget (Penn State Extension)

Irrigated Peaches Enterprise Budget (Oklahoma State University Extension)

Peach Orchard Establishment and Production Planning Budgets for Florida (Florida State Horticultural Society)

Peaches, Missouri (USDA Risk Management Agency)

Sample Costs to Establish and Produce Peaches (University of California Cooperative Extension)

Price Reports

Fruit and Vegetable Prices (USDA Economic Research Service)

Peaches (The Packer)


Peaches (Agricultural Marketing Resource Center)

Peaches (Blue Book Services)

Missouri Farmers Market Map (MDA)

Farmers Markets Search (USDA)

Missouri Produce Auctions