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Ripe watermelons on the field, harvesting. Cut red watermelon.

2016 Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations (Rutgers)

Commercial Watermelon Production (UGA Extension)

Crop Profile for Watermelons in Missouri (IPM Center)

Growing Seedless (Triploid) Watermelons (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension)

Growing Seedless Watermelon (University of Florida – IFAS Extension)

High Tunnel Melon and Watermelon Production (University of Missouri Extension)

Organic Production of Watermelons (Virginia Cooperative Extension)

Production (South Carolina Department of Agriculture)

Seedless Watermelon Crop Guide (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension)

Seedless watermelon — how do they do that? (Michigan State University Extension)

Watermelon (Oregon State University)

Watermelon (University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension)

Watermelons (Clemson Cooperative Extension)

Watermelons (Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station)

Watermelon Production (Oklahoma State Cooperative Extension Service)

Watermelon Production (Penn State Extension)

Watermelon Production in California (UC Vegetable Research & Information Center)

West Virginia 2010 Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations

Pest Management

2017 Louisiana Insect Pest Management Guide (LSU Ag Center)

Florida Crop/Pest Management Profile: Watermelon (University of Florida IFAS Extension)

Pest Management Strategic Plan for Watermelons in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and North Carolina (IPM Center)

Pests Commonly Found on Watermelon (Virginia Tech)

Southeastern U.S. 2016 Vegetable Crop Handbook (The Packer)

Watermelon Spray Guide for 2016 (Clemson Cooperative Extension)

Watermelons (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension)

Postharvest Handling

Watermelon (UC Davis Postharvest Technology)

Watermelon (Produce Blue Book)

Watermelon Post Harvest and Processing (International Tropical Fruits Network)

2012 Production Guide for Storage of Organic Fruits and Vegetables (Cornell University Extension)


Cost of Producing Watermelons, North and Southwest Florida (USDA ERS)

Missouri 2016 State Agriculture Overview (USDA NASS)

Sample Watermelon Production Budget Fresh Market (Penn State Extension)

Trickle-Irrigation Watermelon Cost Return Budget for Missouri (Missouri Value Added Center)

Vegetable and Melon Budgets (University of Kentucky)

Vegetable Crop Budgets & Irrigation Cost Calculators (University of Delaware Extension)

Watermelon Crops Guide (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension)

2013 Cost Estimation of Producing Seedless Watermelon in Eastern Washington (Washington State University Extension)

Price Reports

National Retail Report – Specialty Crops (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

National Watermelon Report (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Vegetables Annual Summary (USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service)

Watermelon Commodity Pricing (The Packer)


National Watermelon Promotion Board

Watermelon (Agricultural Marketing Research Center)

Watermelon (Produce Blue Book)

Watermelon Grades and Standards (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Farmers Markets Search (USDA)

Marketing Vegetables in Missouri (Missouri)

Missouri Farmers Market Map (MDA)

Missouri Produce Auctions