Management Resiliency Self-Assessment Results

The following table reports your management assessment scores, and it lists the assessment question numbers corresponding to each competency area.

The tool assumes farm managers should score at least 35 in each category to succeed with managing a business function. If a category’s score totals less than 35, then it’s highlighted in gold to indicate you’d benefit from skill growth in this competency area.

Identifying and Improving Management Skills

While reviewing your scores, consider how you may need to make changes to you or your team's management capabilities, so you can better meet the farm's needs.

This guide offers ideas about the steps you can take to interpret your management competency scores and act on them.

Refer to the tips and training resources to grow your skills, particularly in categories with scores less than 35.

Survey Scores for :
Management CompetencyScoreCorresponding QuestionsTips and Training
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A score less than 35 suggests the farm may benefit from stronger management skills in an area.
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Review this guide to help you strategize about how to act on your self-assessment results.
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To understand why you recorded a certain score, you can review the questions tied to a particular management category.
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These tips and training downloads share ideas for how to improve management capabilities in each competency area.
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You can print or download a copy of your scores (PDF). Keep your scores on file, and you can use them as you think through improving your skills or putting a farm management team in place.