What Enterprise is Sustainable for Me?

Pearl Millet

To evaluate how well this enterprise aligns with your farm's agronomic, marketing, financial and management resources, answer these five questions. Then, calculate your score.

Using a scale from 0 to 100, scores indicate your farm's likely success with an enterprise.

The icons link to resources you can use to answer these questions.

1. Do you have the ability/interest to clean (remove foreign material) and transport your crop a significant distance or are you willing to identity preserve store and ship your crop a significant distance if economically profitable?


2. Are the soils where you plan to plant pearl millet poorly drained or prone to flooding?

Very poorly drained and prone to frequent flooding
Poorly drained and floods infrequently
Poorly drained
Soils drain well

3. Do you have the ability (and willingness) to implement a mechanical weed control system (e.g. cultivation or other means to decrease weed pressure). There are limited registered herbicides for use with pearl millet.


4. With contract production of a small acreage crop, it is not unrealistic for payment to be several months after harvest. Is this cash flow scenario a significant concern for your operation?

No, I can cash flow a small acreage crop if the economic benefits justify
Yes, but a few months is anticipated in my planning
No, not receiving payment for several months could create cash flow issues for my operation

5. Do you actively scout your crops during key growth periods? Can you effectively manage your herbicide program to avoid residual (carry-over from prior crop) chemical issues with amaranth?


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Respond to the questions for an enterprise. Each question touches on a key factor that affects an enterprise's sustainability on your farm.
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Icons to the side of questions direct to other decision tools that share detailed information about a question's topic.
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After completing all questions for an enterprise, calculate your score. A pop-up page will share your results. Scores closer to 100 suggest the enterprise would align well with your farm. Scores closer to 0 suggest the enterprise would not fit as well, based on your responses to the questions.