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If you plan to produce milk for cheese production, then also refer to our milk production resources and production guide. These materials focus on grass-fed and pasture-raised production.

Production Systems

A Checklist to Starting a Value-Added Dairy Foods Business (Penn State Extension)

ACS Cheese and Dairy Product Lexicon and Glossary (American Cheese Society)

Adding Value in Agriculture, Food and Forestry (University of Missouri Extension)

Cheddar Cheese: The Manufacturing Basics (University of Tennessee Extension)

Cheese Science Toolkit

Considerations for Starting an On-Farm Dairy Processing Enterprise (University of Kentucky)

Enhancing Milk Components with Pasture-Based Systems (Penn State Extension)

Farmstead and Artisan Cheesemaking (Penn State Extension)

Introduction to Making Cheese (Penn State Extension)

Is Your Farm Right For Value-Added Dairy? (Penn State Extension)

Milk for Manufacturing Purposes and its Production and Processing (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Requirements for Missouri Dairy Law (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Resources for Small Scale Processors (Cornell)

Sensory Evaluation Guide for Cheesemakers (Penn State Extension)

Thinking of Starting a Value-Added Dairy Foods Business (Penn State Extension)

Food Safety

Food Safety Plan Builder (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

FSMA Compliance Support (Dairy Food Safety Alliance)

Resources for Growing Your Cheese Business Safely (Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy)

Sanitation and Food Safety for Cheesemakers (The University of Maine Cooperative Extension)

Sanitation Tips for Small-Scale Cheese Plants (Penn State Extension)

The Safe Cheesemaking Hub (American Cheese Society) 

Facilities and Equipment

Cheese Classifieds (American Cheese Society)

Cheese Maker Self-Assessment Tool for Occupational Health, Safety and Ergonomics (University of Maine Cooperative Extension)


Cost Considerations for Making Cheese in Tennessee (University of Tennessee)

Missouri Agriculture, Food and Forestry Innovation Center

Sample Cheesemaking Budget (Penn State Extension)


Market News (USDA Agricultural Marketing)

National Dairy Products Sales Report (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Selecting an Appropriate Pricing Strategy (University of Missouri Extension)


Cheese Industry Profile (AgMRC)

Dairy Products Grades and Standards (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service)

Market Channels for Local Food Producers (University of Missouri Extension)

Market Intelligence Report (Intel for Ag, University of Missouri)

Marketing Dairy Products (University of Tennessee Extension)

Marketing Development and Considerations for Value-Added Dairy Foods (Penn State Extension)

Marketing Your Value-Added Dairy Products (Penn State Extension)

Matching Production Capacity and Product Markets (Penn State Extension)

Missouri Dairy Industry Revitalization Study: Value Chain, Marketing and Processing (University of Missouri Extension)

Missouri Grown (Missouri Department of Agriculture)

Shipping Dairy Foods Direct to Consumers (Penn State Extension)