Market Intelligence Report

To customize this report, set the distance from your selected farm location that you’d like to explore. The report will then update to share data for the market area you choose.

​Use the slider to pick a radius measured in miles and define the market area you want to evaluate.

Market Analysis
Farmers Markets
The following five Missouri farmers markets are nearest your selected farm location.

Other Potential Buyers
Consider these other potential buyers in or near as market outlets for your product.
Demographic Analysis
Understanding a market's demographic characteristics will help you get to know local residents and consider whether your type of product would appeal to them.
Median Household Income
Due to rounding, some data may be shown as 0% even when population in that category is present.
Due to rounding, some data may be shown as 0% even when population in that category is present.
Due to rounding, some data may be shown as 0% even when population in that category is present.
Food Demand Estimates
Using demand estimates, a farm can make informed decisions about food products to offer and approximate the number of units it may sell. Read the methodology to see how these demand estimates for Missouri counties were computed. You can also download per capita demand estimates for other Missouri counties.

To load demand estimates for your local market, first choose a type of product from the drop-down menu.

Consumer Food Preferences
While shopping for food, consumers refer to product attributes or cues — some easily seen and others not as visual — to inform their purchase decisions. Surveying consumers can help with understanding their preferences for certain attributes.

Choose a food from the drop-down menu. The table that loads will show the importance of various attributes to Midwest consumers when they go to buy the given product. See the survey methodology used to collect these consumer insights.

* Note, the consumer food preferences data table summarizes the percentage of a product's purchasers — those who said they often, sometimes or rarely buy a product — who ranked a particular attribute as first, second or third in importance to them when buying the particular product. The number of attributes available to select varied by product. Respondents could choose between six and 12 visual attributes and 18 and 22 nonvisual attributes.

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Click and drag the slider to update the report with market data for the radius area you select.
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The dot shows your selected farm location. The ring around it denotes the radius area you chose.
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Refer to market analysis data to sense whether you have enough nearby buyers and market outlets for a product.
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Do further research to identify the specific buyers who may have interest in the product you plan to offer.
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Household income data can suggest purchasing power. If you plan to offer a premium product at a premium price, then make sure your local market is willing to pay the premium.
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Of the consumption estimated here, your farm will capture only a share of the market. Think strategically about the share you could gain as a new market entrant.
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If your product has attributes important to consumers, then buyers may feel more compelled to try the product. When deciding whether to deliver these attributes, however, keep in mind any extra costs incurred to offer products with them.